Working principle of portable crusher plant

The portable crusher plant is mainly used for the material processing of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials which often need to be relocated, especially for the operation of mobile stone materials such as expressways, railways, hydropower projects. Users can adopt a variety of configurations according to the types of raw materials, sizes and requirements of finished materials. Current portable crusher plants in China are mostly used in construction waste disposal projects in urban demolition. The construction waste crushing screening is divided into several different sizes and rules of recycled aggregate, which is the basis of realizing the reuse of construction waste.

Working principle of portable crusher plant:

The material is evenly transported to the crusher by the feeder. After the initial crushing by the counter-impact crusher, the closed-circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen, which realizes the cyclic crushing of the material. The finished material is exported by the conveyor and is continuously crushed. The counterattack mobile crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs, and realize the primary crushing of materials directly. It is convenient and flexible to use with other crushing equipment.

Application and scope of small mobile crushing equipment:

1. Widely used in mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations.

2. Treatment of surface soil and other materials; separation of viscous coagulated aggregate; construction and blasting industries; screening after crushing; quarrying industry.

3. Artificial sand-making of river pebbles, mountain rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings and debris.

Raymond mill has a wide range of applications

Raymond mill is a special kind of mechanical equipment for grinding ore and other materials. Raymond mill can make powder to 80-325 mesh. The output is inversely proportional to the mesh number. Raymond mill can be used to grind limestone, dolomite, calcite and other minerals, has a very important role.

Raymond mill is widely used in plastics, rubber, paper making, electronics, cables, paints, coatings, abrasives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics and other industries, in the process of economic development in China, has a very important auxiliary role.

Economic development is very rapid, especially in the industrial, metallurgical, chemical and other industries, and everyone has seen that Raymond mill and these industries are very closely developed, it can also be said that China’s economic development and Raymond mill and other ore processing equipment is very close.

portable crusher will become the mainstream crushing equipment

The implementation of large-scale projects in construction, fixed crushing equipment has been popularized in the market. According to the reflection of the construction site personnel, they want more energy-saving, environmental protection, small size, high output, flexible and convenient mobile crushing production line equipment. Portable crusher plant equipment market will present a good momentum of development. In the future, the portable crusher plant with compact structure, flexible movement, high efficiency and environmental protection will completely replace the fixed crusher and become the mainstream crushing equipment in the mining machinery market.

The portable crusher plant integrates the process equipment such as feeding, crushing and conveying. Through the optimization of process flow, it has excellent crushing operation performance of rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. It can form a powerful crushing operation pipeline through the combination of different types of machines to complete multi-demand processing operations. The most important thing is that it can be flexibly moved in the construction site. The portable crusher plant has advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, economical operation cost, stable and reliable work. Compared with the sand and stone production line, the portable crusher plant is like a small and medium-sized crushing plant which can be moved. The work efficiency and operation cost are better than those of the same grade or higher level sand gravel production line.

Raymond Mill Structure Parts

The whole structure of Raymond mill is composed of main engine, analyzer, pipeline device, blower, finished product cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric motor, etc. Raymond mill is composed of frame, air inlet volute, scraper, grinding roller, grinding ring, shell and motor.

The important parts of Raymond mill are made of good quality steel. The wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The machine has high wear-resistant performance and reliable operation. The main shovel holder is always in contact with the material during operation, so the shovel holder is composed of upper and lower parts, and the connecting bolt can be replaced after the lower seat is worn out.

The whole machine is three-dimensional structure, covers a small area, strong system, from raw materials rough processing to transport to powder and packaging, can be a stand-alone production system. The fineness of the finished flour is uniform and the passing rate is 99%, which is difficult for other milling equipment. The mechanical transmission device adopts a closed gear box and belt pulley, which has stable transmission and reliable operation.

How To Do The Maintenance Work of Raymond Mill?

Raymond mill has been in use for a long time and its stable performance can bring great benefits to industrial production. Along with development, the technology of the Raymond Mill has been improved, contributing a lot to the progress of our industry.

At the same time, the production capacity of the grinding equipment is excellent and the use range is wide, which can make many materials get effective grinding operation. In the grinding operation, its performance is also given full play. It can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other areas of mineral products materials grinding processing, the more common processing materials are calcite, limestone, marble, potash feldspar. The Raymond mill plays an important role in the milling operation of these materials and the quality of its finished products is guaranteed.

For the user, reasonable extension of the service life of the grinding equipment can reduce his cost to some extent. So how can you extend the life of Raymond mill? Then, it is estimated to be reasonable maintenance of machinery and equipment. Reasonable maintenance can extend his service life to a certain extent, reduce the failure of the mill, and improve the production efficiency. Therefore, for the user, to improve its production efficiency should do a good job in its maintenance and maintenance.

In the use process of the mill, there should be fixed personnel responsible for custody, operators must have a certain technical level. Such conditions can guarantee that the Raymond mill is in a normal operating environment and will not have a great impact on its performance, and it can play its mechanical properties stably to meet our requirements for use.

At the same time, in order to achieve the purpose of Raymond mill use, we need to conduct some operation guidance problems for some staff before installation, so as to prevent the emergency situation that cannot be dealt with in work. Therefore, it is necessary to have technical training for the operators at the customs, so that they can understand the principle and performance of the mill and be familiar with the operating procedures. Of course, in order to achieve certain effect, while carrying out maintenance, should pay attention to its rationality, and want to be carried on for a long time, in order to guarantee maintenance effect.

Raymond Mill Structure and Working Process

Raymond mill is designed with its unique structure to make it take up less space, convenient transportation, installation, operation and maintenance, and adopt PLC electrical automation control to effectively reduce equipment failure rate and labor cost. High-yield, high-efficiency production, and a good production environment with zero noise and zero pollution. In addition, the grinding fineness of Raymond mill can be adjusted freely between 80-800 mesh, and the applicability is more flexible and extensive. Overall, Raymond Mill is the best choice for non-metallic ore milling.

The structure of the Raymond mill is mainly composed of a main machine, an analyzer, a fan, a finished cyclone separator, a fine powder cyclone separator and a duct. The main body is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring and a cover.

When the Raymond machine is working, the material to be crushed is fed into the machine from the feeding hopper on the side of the hood, and the grinding roller device suspended on the main stand of the main machine is revolved around the vertical axis, while rotating itself, due to the centrifugal force during rotation. The action of the grinding roller swings outward, pressing against the grinding ring, so that the blade shovel the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the purpose of pulverizing the material is achieved by rolling rolling of the grinding roller.

Raymond Mill:

portable construction waste crusher plant

The distribution of construction waste is uneven. The traditional crushing equipment can only work within a fixed range. It is obviously unable to meet the requirements of construction waste crushing. Based on the work of traditional crushing equipment, the upgraded Portable Crusher Plant is the production line best choice. The combination of excellent maneuverability and crushing process, according to the changes in the production site, the instant transfer of the crushing production line, with the use, the work is more efficient, simple and energy-saving.

Construction waste is a derivative product of the development of modern civilization. During the process of upgrading construction and infrastructure, a large amount of construction waste is left behind, which is mixed with resources such as steel and concrete. It does not need to pollute the environment and affect the city. Waste of resources, previously using the in-situ burial treatment plan, under the influence of the environmental protection concept, the current construction waste treatment method is more diversified, after processing and reprocessing can produce recycled bricks, etc. After the treatment plan, the next step is the equipment. The portable construction waste crusher is a very suitable working configuration.

The portable construction waste crusher can be used at any time. In both the structure and the working mode, we have upgraded and improved the production line on one piece of equipment, and it also has strong maneuverability. Great test of the production technology of the manufacturer, how to achieve the ability of both strong mobility and stable production, we explain how the portable construction waste crusher can be used as it is, and work efficiently.

portable crusher plant with good performance and advanced technology

The portable crusher plant is suitable for crushing materials such as medium-hard, extra-hard and abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, magnesia, and stone. The crushing of stone, construction sand and road sand is superior to other types of crushers. The whole structure of the portable crusher plant adopts streamlined design, the mechanics optimizes the structure reasonably and compactly, and the modular assembly structure has small turning radius and convenient transportation. At the same time, according to the different requirements of customers and various conditions at the job site, a comprehensive solution can be proposed, and various combinations of crushing, screening and transportation can be optimized to meet the different requirements of customers.

Good performance and advanced technology
1. Long service life

The portable crusher plant has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and material liner in the crushing chamber, which greatly reduces the wear parts cost and maintenance workload, and correspondingly prolongs the service life of the machine.

2. Complete model, less dust

The device uses a clever internal airflow self-circulation to effectively eliminate dust dispersion. The portable crusher plant is divided into three types: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing according to the size of the feeding and discharging granularity in the crushing operation.

3. Good performance and advanced technology

The portable crusher plant technology is guaranteed, the performance is superior and stable, and it has reliable and stable quality assurance. It has established a good quality reputation for the new and old customers at home and abroad. It is not only mature in technology, easy to operate and maintain, but also in terms of transportation volume, material particle size and abrasion. Sexuality has good adaptability, safety and reliability, integrated unit configuration and installation, and convenient and reasonable maintenance.

4. Low comprehensive investment cost

portable crusher plants save fuel and fuel savings of up to 25%, greatly reducing energy consumption. The wearing parts are made of high-strength and wear-resistant materials, with low loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

Sand Making Machine Performance Advantage

The new VSI6X sand making machine is based on the original high performance VSI series, combined with the actual operating conditions of the equipment under different working conditions and the feedback suggestion of the operator, the advanced crushing equipment with higher crushing efficiency and intelligent control of operation is developed. The new Sand Making Machine mainly consists of the narrow V belt, the lower body part, the motor, the throwing head, the feed head, the upper cover, the crane, the counterattack block, the impact block, the impeller, the material cone, the spindle assembly and the motor frame.

By improving the feeding mode, optimizing the crushing cavity type, adopting the new rotor design and installing the lifting device, the machine greatly reduces the material flow resistance, improves the material passing ability, reduces the wear rate of the damaged parts, improves the energy utilization rate, prolongs the maintenance period, and shortens the maintenance time. It has become an advanced and representative high-performance crushing and sand making equipment in China.

Performance Advantage

1. The optimized disks and hydraulic devices have realized the perfect combination of the falling feed and the central feed, and the adjustment of the size of the central feed is more convenient, so that the material in the broken cavity is fully broken.
2. Excellent launch port and internal more smooth curve design, reduce material flow resistance, substantially improve material passing capacity, crushing efficiency is higher.
3. the weekly guard board adopts two blocks up and down, and it can be adjusted after wearing, prolonging the service life of the wear-resisting parts and reducing the operation cost.
4. optimize the frame structure, integrated design of motor frame and observation maintenance platform, compact structure, stable and reliable operation.
5. the motor block adopts hydraulic adjustment and advanced control elements to ensure the two sides of the spindle are uniformly stressed.
6. The lifting arm and lifting device of the upper cover are hydraulically controlled, and the replacement of the wearing parts is more convenient and quick.
The design of leak-proof structure without oil seal and multi-pipeline thin oil lubrication are adopted to realize simultaneous lubrication of upper and lower bearings, and the service life of bearings is significantly improved.
7. Self-contained vibration detection alarm device, if the equipment does not work properly, can issue a warning, equipment quickly stop working, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

Working Advantage of Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is used in sand and gravel production line and stone production line. Sand Making Machine can break soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, and can also process and shape materials. The sand making machine has been widely used in cement, various ores, refractory materials, sands, quartzite, pebbles, limestone, calcite, glass material, mechanical building stone, bauxite clinker and gold slag, and the efficiency of the hard, hard and abrasion resistant materials such as carborundum, sintered bauxite and so on High.

The design of the accessories is unique. The sand making machine has simple structure, unique bearings and advanced spindle design, so that the machine has the characteristics of heavy load and high speed rotation.

Long service life. The wearing parts are low in wear and tear. All wearing parts are made of high quality wear resistant materials at home and abroad with long service life. A small number of easy wearing parts are made of super hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight and easy to replace parts.

The maintenance rate is low and durable. Impeller and vortex crusher chamber material lining greatly reduces wear parts cost and maintenance workload. In the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom, and the fuselage has no wear and wear.

The performance is reliable. The sand making machine has high reliability, strict safety guarantee device, and equipment and personal safety. Smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency, energy saving and high crushing efficiency.

Maintenance of sand making machine
1. The daily maintenance of the sand making machine is very important to the normal and permanent work of the machine. It is necessary to make the sand machine get enough time to stop work and rest regularly.

2. open the observation door regularly and open the observation door to observe the internal wear of the percussive sand making machine, replace the worn parts in time, and strictly prohibit the opening of the observation door to observe the internal conditions during the working process of the sand making machine so as to avoid the danger. It is found that the impeller wear is replaced in time and repaired by the manufacturer.

3. the size of the transmission triangle belt should be adjusted properly to ensure the uniform force of the triangle belt. When the double motor is driven, the two sides of the triangle belt should be divided into groups to make the length of each group as consistent as possible.

4. the sand machine should be properly added to the grease when working to 400 hours. When working to 2000 hours, the main shaft will be cleaned and the new bearings need to be replaced when the work is 7200 hours.