Common stone crusher equipment crushing method

With the development of our country economy development, especially the construction industry to drive the sand aggregate production in China, speaking of sand aggregate production and processing, have to say for ore processing stone crushing equipment , sand and gravel crushing processing equipment in stone crushing machinery, such as jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher and other stone crushing equipment machinery equipment.

Different stone crushing equipment, with different methods of crushing, so what are the common methods of crushing the broken equipment? In the above article, the mining machinery is simple and people have said some common broken methods of stone crushing equipment, and I will continue to add to you here.

Cleft: ore and other materials in the two pointed edges of the working face, the sharp edge of the split surface is broken. This kind of crushing method is more suitable for brittle materials.

Crush: in two facets, the material between the plane of action was broken by the pressure of slow growth method called crushed, the boulders crushing method is suitable for crushing materials, commonly used in large ore crushing processing can use this method of broken.

The ability and advantages of construction waste crushing plant

Speaking of the construction waste is troublesome, as long as there is a city construction waste, construction waste will lead to more immediately, the blink of an eye will become a waste together, then the garbage is not the construction waste, in the hot summer, it is difficult to imagine how the scene is. The relocation of these construction wastes is a daily headache for urban residents.

Construction waste crushing plant in garbage disposal and not do anything, because there are a lot of waste through sorting, remove or after construction waste pulverizer, can be used as renewable resources, such as: scrap steel, scrap wire and various accessories such as metal, after sorting, concentration, back to the furnace and can be made into different specifications in the processing of steel. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste materials after crushing, can replace sand used in masonry mortar, concrete building integration.

Construction waste crusher for various large and bulk materials were broken, and the equipment itself covers an area of small, can save a lot of infrastructure area and relocation costs, can be used for on-site crushing of the material, without the material transfer, and greatly reduce the material cost of transportation. Building garbage crusher can also be designed according to the actual site to design, very suitable for building garbage broken. There is also a certain improvement in the interests of the users.

Using technology to continuously improve the ultrafine mill

The current domestic economy rapidly people’s living environment is becoming more and more high, with increasing of railway, highway, subway, transportation infrastructure construction, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, mining industry has been rapid development, cement manufacturing industry is in a good opportunity. The ultrafine mill can meet the rapid development demand of the market only by continuously improving its quality and performance.

The technical level of ultrafine grinding machine is increased, the grinding technology is becoming more and more mature, and all the technical indexes of ultrafine grinding have made great progress. In addition to the technical experience accumulated by the ultrafine mill manufacturers, they also actively absorb foreign successful experience, and carry out high technological transformation to the machine, and continuously take advantage of high performance to occupy the market.

Ultrafine mill is still a common equipment in mining industry. Compared with the traditional milling equipment, ultrafine mill has a very superior performance, it gave up the limitations of traditional grinding machine and can do flour and broken integrated operation at the same time, greatly improving the production efficiency, it is kill two birds with one stone really. In the mining industry, ultra-fine grinding machines and other equipment have become leaders.

Ultrafine Raymond Mill With Excellent Performance

The new ultrafine Raymond mill is our newly developed ultra-fine milling equipment, the ultrafine Raymond mill with excellent performance, adapted to a variety of fine processing of ore materials, and its processing 1250 mesh Powder at the same time, but also get the other three more more fine powder products. With the wide range of Raymond mill promotion, will effectively promote the entire mill industry to achieve leaps and bounds.

The new ultrafine Raymond powder mill is mainly applied to processing non-flammable and explosive ores such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, barite, white clouds Stone, granite, kaolin, bauxite, red iron oxide, iron ore and so on.

1. strong systemic, high screening rate. The machine is a three-dimensional structure, small footprint, strong system, from the rough to the delivery of raw materials and milling and packaging, can be an independent production system. Fineness of finished product is uniform, the screening rate is as high as 99%.

2. easy to control, easy to maintain. Using centralized control of the electrical system, the workshop can achieve virtually no jobs. Using electromagnetic vibrating feeder feed, continuous uniform, easy to adjust, fuel-efficient power saving, easy maintenance.

3. smooth transmission, high wear resistance. Machine gear with sealed gear box and pulley, smooth transmission, reliable operation. The core components of high-performance wear-resistant materials, high wear resistance, cost savings.

construction waste crusher can turn waste into a treasure

Construction waste is composed of brick, stone, concrete, and scrap steel, iron wire, wire and other metal waste, etc of the mixture, the scrap metal can be manufactured into various specifications of steel, brick, stone, concrete, such as waste after crushing, can for sand, used for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, concrete pad, etc., can also be used for making brick, brick pavements, beautiful case, brick and other building materials products. Therefore, construction waste is the resource of misplacement, and construction waste recycling processing technology can turn it into a treasure.

The construction waste crusher we have built is good news for the reprocessing of construction waste. Mobile crushing station mainly consists of crusher, feeding machine, vibrating screen, centralized electric control cabinet, belt machine and other components installed in the car, flexible and convenient. According to the processing conditions, can choose flexible wheeled mobile crushing plant or crawler mobile crusher, the crushing screening integration, with iron system, construction waste metal can be removed, the machining process and the fixed is roughly same, the only difference is that the integration of crushing screening conveying equipment, can realize automation of operation, high efficiency, covers an area of less, no secondary pollution, construction waste crushing into different degree of aggregate, reuse.

We produce mobile construction waste crusher to construction waste, waste will largely save the energy consumption of our country, not only to promote the development of the cause of environmental protection and more investors have brought considerable economic benefits.

Sand Maker Machine Selection Tips

The common purpose for all the users is to purchase their ideal products which can create due value for them. For sand making machine , there are two concepts from the sand making manufacturers: stone production line and artificial sand making. According to the different needs of users, configuration is more or less been varied. In addition, the corollary equipment of stone production line is fundamentally the same as that of sand making production line.

The corollary equipment is made up of conveyor, feeding machine, jaw crusher and sand maker. Despite the fact of the corollary equipment is basically the same, there is difference in the production process and application range. It requires the sand maker manufacturers to arrange the equipment based on the needs of customer’s needs not choose the equipment randomly.

In the product selection,crusher machine launches the humanization choice. In general, the users firstly describe the current resources and ambient conditions of the production sites in details. Proper sand maker should be chosen according to the user’s raw material and ambient conditions of the production sites by means of scientific technology to reduce the noise and air pollution. Advice from : customers had better not choose equipment until they are quite familiar with the basic condition of sand maker. Because it is so easy to choose the wrong equipment that contributes to some abnormal problems, such as production issue and low yield. It is fatally important to choose the reasonable sand maker.

We serve clients with the quality guideline of being responsible for every working procedure, every product and every client. What we have done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market. All of the products have passed the authentication. Reliable and stable quality is the key to success.

Using technology to continuously improve the ultrafine mill

Milling machinery R & D technology to increase the level of investment, ultrafine mill technology is more mature, ultra-fine grinding of the major technical indicators have made considerable progress. Major ultra-fine grinding mill manufacturers in their own accumulated technical experience, but also actively absorb the successful experience of foreign countries, carried out a higher degree of technological transformation of the machine, continue to take advantage of high-performance to occupy the market.

Ultrafine mill is still a very common equipment in the mining industry. Compared with the traditional milling equipment, the ultrafine mill has the very superior performance. It gives up the limitation of the traditional mill and can realize the integrated operation of milling and crushing at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency. In the mining industry, ultra-fine milling machines and other equipment has also become the leader.

At present, the domestic economy is experiencing rapid demands on living environment. Along with the state’s increasing construction of railways, highways, subways and transportation infrastructure, the chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and mining industries have been developing rapidly. Cement manufacturing The industry also welcomes good opportunities. Grinding equipment such as ultrafine grinding mill only continuous improvement of quality and performance, in order to meet the rapid development of the market demand.

high efficiency environmental protection ultrafine mill

Environmental protection type ultrafine mill, the upgrading of new traditional mill equipment, this ultrafine mill can completely resolve the advent of industrial milling operation dust smoke filled the predicament, thus opening a new chapter in mill industry with high efficiency and low consumption. Based on this, the following will be a simple exposition of the knowledge of the equipment related to the environmental protection ultrafine mill. The details are as follows:

The embodiment of high efficiency and low consumption of environmental protection ultrafine mill
1. In terms of energy saving, under the operating environment of the same output value, the new edition of environmental protection ultrafine mill machine can save 1-2 times as much as the traditional mill.
2. in the aspect of environmental protection, good equipment body sealing design, coupled with advanced pulse type dust collector equipped with auxiliary, more effective removal of up to 99.9% and, for noise pollution, but also by collocation some auxiliary silencer, so as to realize the green mill operation.

The performance advantages of environmental protection ultrafine mill
1. The fineness of the finished powder treated by environmental protection ultrafine mill mill is even, the screening rate can reach 99%.
2. the environmental friendly ultra-fine grinding is integrated with crushing, drying, grinding and grading transportation. The layout is compact and the occupied area is small, which can save users a lot of investment cost.
3. The important parts of the machine are made of high quality castings and profiles, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the equipment.

The prospect of environmental ultra fine grinding in the market
First of all, on the one hand, energy saving and emission reduction in the current fierce voice, energy saving and environmental protection is the future development of the industrial milling equipment will trend, so destined to environmental protection in ultrafine mill is a good prospect;

Secondly, from the aspects of environmental protection, whether in the ultra-fine grinding processing ability, or in other aspects of milling effect show inferior to other high-end milling equipment, and the key is to protect the machine also pay more attention to the environment, so the environmental protection idea now, environment-friendly city will be sold into ultrafine mill.

Good ultrafine mill accessories can improve the efficiency of material grinding

As a ultrafine mill with high single operating ability in the grinding powder, it has a strong competitive advantage in the grinding process of metal ore and non-metallic ore. Ultrafine mill can achieve multiple functions of crushing, grinding and grading, benefiting from the high performance of its accessories. Below we classify the ultrafine mill parts according to the structural features.

The transmission components of ultrafine grinder include reducer, elastic coupling, overrunning clutch, torque limiter, tensioning sleeve, locking disc, pneumatic motor, drive belt, transmission chain and so on. The driving part is the source of its crushing power, and the material is grinding on the grinding disc by grinding roller to realize the standard granularity grinding. The energy consumption can be reduced by 30% to 40%.
Hydraulic lubricating component of ultrafine mill.

The hydraulic and lubrication components of ultrafine grinder are made up of oil pumps, hydraulic components, hydraulic motors, filters, high-pressure oil pipes, heat exchangers, thermometers and pressure gauges. Hydraulic devices are of great importance for their automatic production level. The size of the material can be adjusted, and the hydraulic device can discharge the material from the grinding chamber to avoid the wear and tear of the equipment when the material is not broken.

Ultrafine mill grinding system components is the main structure of non metallic minerals and stone grinding part, has an important influence on ultrafine mill assembly, ultrafine mill and ultrafine mill core, torsion bar, ultrafine mill grinding roller seal, superfine grinding rod, ultrafine mill hydraulic cylinder, ultrafine mill vibration tester, hydraulic cylinder seal, grinding lock air valve with these parameters on the product yield and the fineness of the material.

The portable crusher plant is booming development

The portable crushing plant is a key industry of China’s construction waste treatment industry, now some of the emerging science and technology and high-end management of R & D personnel after careful study,  large-scale domestic more, the Portable Crushing Plant in various regions and the emergence of a broken All flowers bloom together., a series of high-end manufacturing enterprises. Due to the strong development of urban and rural infrastructure in our country, the booming development of crushing equipment manufacturing industry, especially in large urban construction projects, has greatly stimulated the development and upgrading of portable crushing plant equipment.

The mobile crusher station system is mainly a large-scale open pit mine crushing equipment, and the production capacity of the equipment is nine thousand tons per hour. The complete set of equipment mainly includes the movable crushing station and the movable sieving machine.
The portable crushing plant equipment has always been China’s construction waste treatment equipment industry is a key industry for many years, in the vigorous development of Mining Manufacturing Industry and driven by China’s construction waste treatment equipment manufacturing in various aspects have made great progress, portable crushing plant promoted the vigorous development of crushing equipment manufacturing industry a large number of advanced technology, portable crushing plant manufacturers have emerged, with remarkable achievements, which fully shows the construction waste treatment equipment in the industry vitality.

The application research of regular maintenance of the portable crushing plant and its parts: the regular maintenance technology mainly has the fault diagnosis and evaluation, the repair means and methods. For large motors, there should be electrical control system and a series of protection systems. In order to better adjust the parameters of the vibration grinder and sand making machine, frequency conversion speed control can be used to control the speed of the crusher, so as to achieve the function of adjusting the particle size of the crusher.