General Knowledge about Sand Washing Machine

The efficient sand washing machine is a kind of cleaning equipment with international advanced level. Sand washing equipment is developed on the basis of introducing foreign outstanding technology of the same kind of products.

The sand washing machine is used to remove dust in sand. It is widely used for cleaning materials in the following industries: quarry, mineral, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on. It can deal with material with granularity within 0-30mm. It has become the most effective, practical and reliable equipment for making abrasive, refractory material, cement, quartz sand, steel grit, furnace dross powder, copper ore, gold ore, cobble, concrete and asphalt aggregate and so on. As a high efficiency and low energy consumption equipment, it can save energy by 50% compared with traditional product.

We adopts advanced technology by combining with the actual situation of domestic sandstone industry. The reasonable structure, high yield and little sand loss make it the most popular machine. It will be the top priority among upgraded products both at home and abroad. Welcome to visit our company and make wise choice.

It can wash and separate the soil and foreign material in the sand. Its novel structure, adjustable overflow dam baffle and reliable arrangement can ensure the result. The sand washer has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, high output, low power consumption, and high degree of cleanness. Its novel sealed structure, totally-enclosed oil-bath transmission system, and adjustable overflow slice ensure the characteristics of high efficiency, durability, cleanness, and good dehydrating effect, and reliable product size.

Analyzing the Importance of Sand Washing Machine

In the sand production line, sand washing machine often cannot attach enough attention of the manufacturer. From the sand production line flow chart, we can clearly recognize the role and the importanceof sand washing.

The experts of sand production line believe that according to the sand standards in different industries, the artificial sand which was produced by the sand maker both in particle size and grade has reached the required sand standards of these industries in the production process, in this case, you can omit the process of sand washing, which is not only for enterprise to save money but also greatly simplifies the process of sand production and improves the production efficiency.

But not every case can omit the process of sand washing. With the development of science and technology, the competition of sand making market is increasingly fierce. Most industries have higher requirements on the quality of the artificial sand, especially on transportation and construction, which means that the sand washer in the sand production line will be gradually rised to the height of the indispensable from the dispensable status, in the future whoever neglects the process of sand washing in sand production line, he will fall behind the others, and may be eliminated by the market.

Finally, we reminds everybody, we must carefully consider the sand standard of this industry when facing the matter no matter whether we use the sand washer or not. You should not be adulterate when you need to use the sand washer in order to save money, which would accelerate the pace of enterprise bankruptcy.

sand washing  machine:

Six Characteristics of New Type Sand Making Machine

The new sand making machine is a kind of vehicle type sand maker machine adopts new design idea of high quality mobile, “intelligence, environmental protection, high yield” as a whole, in the sand factory full of new style intelligent environmental protection model, crushing processing vigorously applied to construction waste, quartzite, diabase, granite all kinds of stones and pebbles.

1. the body combination is diverse, divided into tires, tracks two different types, and each system is flexible, more widely used;

2. feeding, crushing, screening and other functions, work more convenient, vehicle mobile form, can be in-depth production site, cost savings funds;

3. the shape design is more beautiful, complete combination of equipment components, durable material, to ensure better performance of equipment, quality is more reliable;

4. the new diesel engine selection, fuel consumption is low, noise is small, provide more sufficient kinetic energy, is the economic, environmental protection, green energy saving power source;

5. The rubber joint is installed at the joint of the material outlet and the material receiving port to reduce vibration and increase the spraying dust suppression device, so as to reduce the dust, noise and other emissions;

6. high efficiency, large kinetic energy, have stronger processing ability, at the same time can realize the sorting and crushing treatment of construction waste, change it to “waste” as treasure.

The Energy Saving Design of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a kind of mineral processing equipment commonly used in mineral processing plant. It is also a high energy consumption equipment. Energy saving design and parameter optimization design of Raymond mill are of great significance to reduce energy consumption and improve beneficiation efficiency.

Raymond mill mainly from the starting mode, lubrication mode, bearing type, liner structure and form, Raymond mill speed ratio and other aspects of energy saving design. Raymond mill is made by state industrial science and technology group. It has many characteristics in energy saving design. The equipment must be operated according to the design requirements in production.

1. Design of starting mode
Soft start pneumatic clutch. It can realize the starting of the synchronous motor Raymond mill, and make the motor start without load. When the speed is stable, the clutch is combined and the Raymond mill is started. This can shorten the starting time of the motor itself, start easily, reduce the impact of the starting current on the power grid, and also reduce the installed power of Raymond mill.

2. hydrostatic bearing and static and dynamic pressure bearing design
It is a common design for Raymond mill to use dynamic and static pressure mixed lubrication bearings instead of ordinary bearings..

(1) in the Raymond mill before starting, high pressure using lubricating oil will float the shaft neck of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, it can greatly reduce the starting load, and then start, after which can make the shaft and bearing by external supply, with certain pressure bearing oil film is completely separated from the start, when the shaft neck reach enough speed, namely the use of hydrodynamic lubrication bearing.

(2) when the Raymond mill is shut down, let the pressure oil float the shaft neck slowly on the bearing bush, so as not to abrade the bearing bush. This ensures that the journal is started under the condition of pure liquid friction. The friction resistance is small, the power consumption is small, and the transmission efficiency is high.

What are the Performance Features of VSI Sand Making Machine?

VSI sand making machine is an indispensable machine of the sand making production line and is a practical and reliable sand making machine. VSI sand making machine is especially suitable for making building sand and for the fine crushing and medium crushing of many types of hard and crisp materials such as abrasive material, refractory, cement, silica sand, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and pitch aggregate. It is a type of highly efficient and energy-saving stone crushing and sand making machine with world-level technology, and it can save 50% energy compared with traditional sand maker.

1. VSI sand maker is a new type of medium and fine crushing machine developed, and is a machine that can be widely used for replacing cone crusher, roll crusher and ball mill.

2. novel structure and stable operation.

3. low energy consumption, high output and big crushing ratio.

4. small size, simple operation and convenient installation and maintenance.

5. VSI sand making machine has the function of reshaping, and the final products are in the shape of cube and the stacking density is big.

6. In the production process, the stone materials can form a protective layer, so that the machine frame has no abrasion and is durable.

7. The few quick-wear spare parts of VSI sand machine are made of super-hard wear-resisting materials, so that the machine has small size and light weight and is convenient for spare parts changing.

8. The working noises of VSI sand crusher is lower than 75db and the powder dust pollution is little.

vertical roller mill by five unique advantages own customer’s praise

Our company design and production of the new type vertical rolelr mill is widely used in the crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying in one, the system is simple, compact layout, covers an area of approximately 50% and milling system, open layout, thus reducing the large investment costs. With its own five unique advantages, get the customer’s praise.

First: long service life

Compared with other milling equipment compared to vertical roller mill using advanced milling technology, stable operation, the production process at the same time, the design in the angle of impact crushing cavity transformation, but also can reduce the friction material and wear resistant parts, so as to effectively prolong the service life of the equipment of vertical mill.

Second: good environmental protection

The internal vertical roller mill vortex chamber adopts the unique flow of air circulation device, thereby reducing the discharge volume, which can not only reduce the dust pollution, but also can improve the work efficiency of the milling machinery.

Third: easy maintenance

The traditional mill equipment is provided with an observation that only the back door, and vertical mill in the design of observation door, except in the side also opened the door to observe the repair, also adopts hydraulic drive cover device, which is more conducive to the maintenance and observation of the operation of equipment and so on.

Fourth: large amount of processing

After a deep cavity type rotor structure optimization, the throughput can be improved more than 40%, greatly enhances the vertical mill production capacity; in addition, we will also discharge through a special transformation, can adjust a wider range of particle size, to meet customer and market needs can be better, make it have stronger is the market adaptability.

Fifth: finished grain shape excellent

The finished grain type vertical roller mill grinding work after the excellent quality, strong, flakiness content less, small iron pollution, loved by the majority of users, high market sales. In addition, the equipment is affected by the moisture content of the material is very small, can be applied to more forms of ore material fine sand production operations.

ultrafine mill by virtue of the unique advantages to become popular equipment

The unique characteristics of ultrafine grinding mill is an important reference standard when customers purchase. About the ultrafine mill characteristics, manufacturers in the propaganda to customers, will do a more detailed description, this article is to summarize its characteristics have what problems.

1. Small noise, small vibration, high pressure, fine powder, in the process of production can not only successfully complete the process of production, but also reduce the pollution of the environment and other issues;

2. a grinding ring and a grinding roller wear uniform, long service life, 3-5 times of the ordinary Raymond mill, ultrafine grinding and applicable harden material processing, long service life, can better achieve the grinding material, grinding roller and grinding ring is the core parts of the production, it has a great impact on life the working process of the mill;

3. the ultrafine mill can run continuously during operation does not affect the oil roller bearing chamber, and small power consumption, high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, this feature is mainly show that the mill maintenance, convenient operation, save a lot of trouble of staff, and the operation is simple and convenient to reduce the failure in production is also a great with the help of;

This article mainly introduces the ultrafine mill itself some characteristics, mainly from three aspects, these characteristics are mainly in the realization of smooth production, at the same time, reduce the production needs maintenance steps, better help the production process.

XZM Ultrafine Mill:

Construction Waste Crushing Plant

With the development and progress of society, the construction industry is growing rapidly in the city every day there is a dilapidated building down, can be seen everywhere in construction waste, greatly affected the city image and environment. In view of these construction waste, how can we recycle?

Construction waste crusher preferred tire type mobile crushing station, it can be different according to the collocation of crushing equipment broken materials and different customer needs, including tire jaw type mobile crushing station, mobile station, tire tire crusher sand making machine mobile crusher etc.. Once the mobile crushing station was listed, it was highly evaluated in the industry and praised by the customers.

Tire type mobile crushing station for construction waste collection, transportation, recycling, convenient construction waste in situ fragmentation, but also the green city all a health. Liming heavy industries and provide perfect after-sales maintenance service, absolutely want to be the first choice of construction waste recycling industry friends.

Recently, many customers ask the price of our company mobile crushing station, due to the company’s mobile crushing station type there are many different types, different models corresponding to different specifications, so the price will have a gap.

Characteristics of Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crusher which is used for crushing machine for classification of construction waste, in the market higher voice is mobile crushing station. This construction waste crusher body is flexible, structure innovation, integration design, complete function, reliable quality, better in the construction waste disposal work field, better customer acceptance.

Characteristics of construction waste crusher:
1. multi chamber uniform crushing, suitable for crushing hard rock;
2. low large feed port, easy to layout and increase the size of the feed;
3. new wear-resistant material makes plate hammer, counterattack plate and liner longer service life;
4. high chromium plate hammer, unique counterattack lining, especially suitable for hard rock crushing, high efficiency and energy saving;
5. hard rock fragmentation, high efficiency and energy saving;
The 6. plate structure makes the discharge smaller and cubic in shape and has no inner grain;
7. the shape of the product is cubic, and the size of the nesting material is adjustable;
8. simplify the crushing process;
9. full hydraulic opening, easy maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.

Application of construction waste crusher:
1. is widely used in mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations.
2. treatment of topsoil and other materials; separation of viscous coagulation aggregate; building and blasting industry; crushing screening; quarrying industry.
3. river gravel, rocks (limestone, granite, andesite, diabase, etc.), ore tailings, artificial sand stone chips.

Construction waste crusher:

ultrafine mill production line configuration features

Ultrafine mill is a kind of Ultrafine powder preparation equipment which is widely used in the market. But in the specific production, it is necessary to make reasonable production configuration, will you? The machine provides a reasonable configuration of ultrafine mill production! Ultrafine mill is a kind of fine powder and Ultrafine powder processing equipment, grinding can be Mohs hardness of less than 9 of the non flammable and explosive brittle materials, the grinding materials can be up to more than 200 species, is widely used in mining, construction, metallurgy, cement, chemical and other industries.

ultrafine mill production standard configuration includes: hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, feeder, mill host, frequency analysis machine, cyclone dust collector, high pressure wind machine, motor, pipe, dust collector, muffler and electric control cabinet. Users can design and configure the equipment according to their actual needs, and increase or decrease the equipment.

The standard configuration of ultra fine grinding is provided, then we will concretely understand the process flow and configuration characteristics of the configuration.

Ultrafine mill working process:
1.process: bulk materials by hammer crusher to the desired size, by the elevator into the silo, the bulk material feeder feeding fine grinding disc into the upper part of the main internal turntable uniformly continuous on.

2.ultrafine mill configuration features: the production of high efficiency and energy saving, the yield increased by 40%, but reduces energy consumption by 30%; a wide range of product size, the fineness of up to 3000 mesh fineness, and the regulation is very convenient; good environmental protection, sound insulation and good dedusting effect.

SCM Ultrafine Mill: